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British Motoring Apparel was founded by Isobel Halliday after the completion of a costume making qualification at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Challenged in a final project to re-make an original driving coat rescued by her father in the derelict stable block of the family home, she set about bringing it back to life. 

Passionate about clothing that performs a function, British Motoring Apparel seeks to meld that functionality with authenticity. The designs created offer one of two things- direct COPYING from either original garments and patterns or pattern development through the careful studying of photographs and films to achieve authenticity. 

Made by hand and in small batches in her Norwich studio, all clothing is made by Isobel. This means she can ensure the best selection of fabric, highest quality craftsmanship and if alterations are needed to designs they can easily be made. Isobel has proven experience in pattern cutting and costume making meaning she can use her extensive expertise to create off the peg and bespoke pieces. Keeping functionality and authenticity at their heart. 

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